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How to get the most of your short time with your doctor during your doctor visit? an advise from a doctor
The fact of the matter is your doctor has less and less time to spend with you for different reasons -we can discuss in a different blog- and we have to admit that the days of having a long interview with our physician where we can chit chat about different non-related things have gone and […]
I have an upper respiratory tract infection but my doctor didn’t prescribe me an antibiotic ! is he/she right ?
Yes he/she right and this is the norm. Majority of these upper respiratory tract infections ( URI ) caused by viruses and don’t respond to antibiotics, this doesn’t mean that bacteria can’t cause this kind of infection, actually they do and they can make you sicker compared to viral infections but it shouldn’t be difficult […]
Why shouldn’t you take the flu shot?
Actually there’s nothing should stop you from taking the flu shot apart from a true allergy (egg allergy isn’t among them) and let me tell why? Have you ever had a flu before? When you have the flu that means you will be in bed with high fever, severe joint and muscle pain, poor appetite, […]