How to get the most of your short time with your doctor during your doctor visit? an advise from a doctor
The fact of the matter is your doctor has less and less time to spend with you for different reasons -we can discuss in a different blog- and we have to admit that the days of having a long interview with our physician where we can chit chat about different non-related things have gone and not coming back. Knowing that, we have to know how to use our short interview time with our doctors and get the most of it, as an advice from a doctor do the following: a.Prepare your questions a head and please write them down because most often patients forget them when they meet with their doctor. b.Don’t waste any time talking about things not related to your clinical stuff c.Ask relevant questions, I mean relevant to the reason of your visit. d.Tell the doctor about any relevant piece of history or about any abnormal finding with your body that your doctor didn’t examine like an enlarged groin mass (I know that doctors have to do a thorough exam, but the reality is different, they do a focused exam). e.For any new test ask why we are doing it? I mean what we are looking for with this test? and how it will affect my treatment plan? (that is if you not familiar with this test) f.For any new medication prescribed ask why we are adding that and if any major side effects that should I watch for, what to do if I develop these side effects, when should I take it and how should I take it (with food? On empty stomach? At bedtime?). It may seem lot of questions, but they are rally not and your doctor can answer all of that in less than 5 minutes as long as we prepared to ask the relevant questions.

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