I have an upper respiratory tract infection but my doctor didn’t prescribe me an antibiotic ! is he/she right ?

Yes he/she right and this is the norm. Majority of these upper respiratory tract infections ( URI ) caused by viruses and don’t respond to antibiotics, this doesn’t mean that bacteria can’t cause this kind of infection, actually they do and they can make you sicker compared to viral infections but it shouldn’t be difficult for your physician to differentiate if your URI is bacterial or viral based on your symptoms. So when we go to visit a clinic with URI symptoms we should expect that likely we will go home with some symptomatic treatment but not antibiotic !. There is one exception to this rule is that if you do have influenza and you presented to your doctor within 48 hours from the time your influenza symptoms started then you should be prescribed an antiviral ( tamiflu ) for 5 days.

Some doctors refuse to give us an antibiotic when we only visit them to get a prescription for antibiotics to help us get better, or at least that what we think ! Here we are talking when feel we having an infection specifically when have symptoms of an upper respiratory tract, sinus, or ear infection. Some physician will prescribe you an antibiotic right away and some refuse to do so and advise for symptomatic management that we could have bought over the counter without wasting our time and money going the doctor! The truth of the matter is Doctors mostly right when they say you don’t need an antibiotic supported by the current standard of care guidelines. It’s very easy for the doctor to prescribe an antibiotic for you and i have to admit the some of them do that out of convenience for their patients.

Again, the doctor is mostly right if he believes a patient doesn’t need an antibiotic, this is the doctor I would go to and not the one who prescribe antibiotics everytime we get sick!

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