Why shouldn’t you take the flu shot?
Actually there’s nothing should stop you from taking the flu shot apart from a true allergy (egg allergy isn’t among them) and let me tell why? Have you ever had a flu before? When you have the flu that means you will be in bed with high fever, severe joint and muscle pain, poor appetite, bad taste in your mouth, and few days at least of zero productivity (by the way some of us confuses cold with the flu, cold doesn’t put you in bed and symptoms usually a lot milder). All these symptoms could be even worse if you have an underlying conditions like asthma, copd, diabetes, and heart diseases, symptoms can be also worse in children and elderlies. It doesn’t sometimes stop even there and people can get a lung infection from the flu itself or a bacteria on top of the flu and believe me this type of lung infection usually severe, patients end up in ICU on a respirator and some of them die from it. I hope you do understand now how important to take the flu shot, it will decrease the likelihood of having the flu this season although full protection against all flu strains can’t be achieved.      

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BK Conner
BK Conner

I cannot have any vaccine because of the chemicals in the shots. Plus canine tissue! Really!!!